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Oh ya, it’s just like “real” sugar!

sugar mad scientist

Well, I have noticed that the high fructose corn syrup marketing machine is in full swing again.  They are still trying to convince us that this junk product is the same as real sugar.  It's not folks, and it's is leading to insulin resistance, diabetes and diabetes, just to name a few.  They … [Read more...]

Get Your Master Amino Acid Pattern- Buy 3 Get 1 Free


To order your Master Amino Acid Pattern, click here. Master Amino Acid Pattern, as I have said many times, is the most potent amino acid supplement ever created.  I have spent years researching the different processing methods available for egg, whey, among other forms of protein, and found that … [Read more...]

Master Amino Pattern and Amino Acid Supplement Absorbtion


To order yours now click here Master Amino Pattern. This amazing amino acid supplement is pre-digested and gets into the bloodstream within 23 minutes. All Amino Acids and proteins are not created equal. There are many manufacturing methods that either give you a product that the body can use to … [Read more...]

The Power Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Click here to order your Super Omega Essential Fatty Acids. I. INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Low-fat foods have frequently been advocated for people attempting to diet. Some people on diets to lose weight have discovered that they can satisfy their appetite with fewer calories by eating protein and … [Read more...]

The Truth About Amino Acids


There are a ton of amino acids on the market today all claiming explosive muscle growth andfaster recovery time. Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle tissue growth, repair, and synthesis. Protocol Supplements, in conjunction with Dr. Luca-Morreti, has the only amino acid supplement that … [Read more...]

Commercial Farming Is Not Good For You-Organic Greens Powder and Green Drink

Organic Greens Powder can be ordered right here! The commercial farming industry in this country has been taken over by the multi-national chemical companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemicals. In fact, they are doing their best to erradicate organic farming practices altogether. Monsanto is pushing … [Read more...]

Exercising in Terrestrial Extremes

Welcome to my video series devoted to giving you solid basic information on many different topics. I have watered down some complex subjects to make sure that the message is easily understood and the information readily used for your ongoing drive toward better health and fitness. I look forward … [Read more...]

Artificial Sweeteners Are Poison Welcome to another installment of Cody's Rants, well not so much a rant as an overview of the poison that is being perpetrated on you and your family under the heading of "sugar Free". Do yourself a favor and take a pro-active role in finding out about what you are putting … [Read more...]

Nutrition Trio Pack by Protocol Supplements

In this pack, I put all three of my high quality nutrition products, Total Body Nutrient, Organic Greens Formula, and Omega 3&6 Essential Fatty Acids together. All three products are organic and created with processes that insure much higher cellular absorbtion rate than most, if not all, … [Read more...]

Muscle Building Made Easy-Body Pro and MAP

Protocolsupplements combines the most potent signaling agent and raw materials for generating massive strength and muscle gains. Body Pro and MAP (Master Amino Profile)combine to give you what your body needs to make your workouts count. Body Pro is an all natural plant sterol(not to be confused … [Read more...]