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The Power Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Click here to order your Super Omega Essential Fatty Acids. I. INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Low-fat foods have frequently been advocated for people attempting to diet. Some people on diets to lose weight have discovered that they can satisfy their appetite with fewer calories by eating protein and … [Read more...]

Nutrition Trio Pack by Protocol Supplements

In this pack, I put all three of my high quality nutrition products, Total Body Nutrient, Organic Greens Formula, and Omega 3&6 Essential Fatty Acids together. All three products are organic and created with processes that insure much higher cellular absorbtion rate than most, if not all, … [Read more...]

Protocol Supplements 60 Day Challenge-4 Week Update

Well, I am into my 60 Day Challenge for about 4 weeks now and things are moving along very nicely. I have been able to step up the frequency and intensity of my workouts due to "The Protocol". I am using the Nutrition Pack(Total Body Nutrient,Total Body Greens, and Omega 3&6s), Body Pro Strength … [Read more...]

Protocol Supplements 60 Day Challenge

Well welcome to my own 60 Day Challenge. It has been the better part of three years since I have done much, if any, training. I figured that it was time to not only get busy gettin busy, but to put Protocol Supplements to the test. I am using the entire line of products, why, because they are … [Read more...]