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The Facts On Master Amino Acid Pattern 3 For $119.00


About Master Amino Acid Pattern 3 For $119.00 Most people, especially athletes, the elderly, women, dieters, and children, do not meet their dietary protein requirement for optimum health. This leads to premature aging, injury, illness, and slowed recovery. To Purchase MAP, Click … [Read more...]

Master Amino Acid Pattern Story


Here is a great story from someone who really gets the benefits of Master Amino Acid Pattern. Click Here To Purchase MAP I just ran into this product Master Amino Acid Pattern, in the wee hours of the morning doing the random research on Anti-aging and Age Reversal. The facts about this … [Read more...]

Master Amino Acid Pattern For Faster Results


Master Amino Acid Pattern is, hands down, the best amino acid supplement on the market.  I say this because it is true.  Yes, I do sell this product on my website Protocol Supplements, but that is not the reason.  I have spent years, 25 at last count, trying a HUGE number of amino acid products … [Read more...]

Muscle Building Made Easy-Body Pro and MAP

Protocolsupplements combines the most potent signaling agent and raw materials for generating massive strength and muscle gains. Body Pro and MAP (Master Amino Profile)combine to give you what your body needs to make your workouts count. Body Pro is an all natural plant sterol(not to be confused … [Read more...]