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Why Is Master Amino Acid Pattern So Powerful?

Map special

Master Amino Acid Pattern is, by far, the most profound amino acid supplement ever created.  I know this sounds like a huge statement, and it is.  I have been working with this amazing product for the last 15 years and have found it to be instrumental in building lean muscle tissue, repairing … [Read more...]

The Facts On Master Amino Acid Pattern 3 For $119.00


About Master Amino Acid Pattern 3 For $119.00 Most people, especially athletes, the elderly, women, dieters, and children, do not meet their dietary protein requirement for optimum health. This leads to premature aging, injury, illness, and slowed recovery. To Purchase MAP, Click … [Read more...]

Master Amino Acid Pattern Story


Here is a great story from someone who really gets the benefits of Master Amino Acid Pattern. Click Here To Purchase MAP I just ran into this product Master Amino Acid Pattern, in the wee hours of the morning doing the random research on Anti-aging and Age Reversal. The facts about this … [Read more...]

Get Your Master Amino Acid Pattern- Buy 3 Get 1 Free


To order your Master Amino Acid Pattern, click here. Master Amino Acid Pattern, as I have said many times, is the most potent amino acid supplement ever created.  I have spent years researching the different processing methods available for egg, whey, among other forms of protein, and found that … [Read more...]

Master Amino Acid Pattern, Buy 3 get 1 Free


Click here to order Master Amino Acid Pattern It is well established that Master Amino Acid Pattern is the king of amino acid supplements.  MAP has an absorbtion rate of 99.8%, that means that all but .02% of the amino acids in Master Amino Acid Pattern find their way to the working muscles.  … [Read more...]

Master Amino Acid Pattern is the Greatest Amino Acid Supplement


Special deal, buy 3 and get the 4th one free-click here Click here to order your Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) is an amino acid preparation that has an NNU of 99%. Master Amino Acid Pattern provides your muscles with the highest anabolic action available in an amino acid supplement. The net … [Read more...]

Nutrition For Strength Training

There are many different types of athletes, sports programs, and exercise regimens. And for each different person and type of program your body may have unique nutritional requirements. For example, a marathon runner will have different energy and nutritional requirements than a sprinter. Also, a … [Read more...]

Amino Acid Supplements Reviewed


CLICK HERE FOR MASTER AMINO ACID PATTERN Welcome to another installment on what you need to know when shopping for amino acid supplements. Not all amino acid supplementsare created the same. The main variables are what is the origin of the protein (amino acids), most companies use whey as their … [Read more...]

The Truth About Amino Acids


There are a ton of amino acids on the market today all claiming explosive muscle growth andfaster recovery time. Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle tissue growth, repair, and synthesis. Protocol Supplements in conjunction with Dr. Luca-Morretihas the only amino acid supplement that has … [Read more...]