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Master Amino Acid Pattern, Buy 3 get 1 Free


Click here to order Master Amino Acid Pattern It is well established that Master Amino Acid Pattern is the king of amino acid supplements.  MAP has an absorbtion rate of 99.8%, that means that all but .02% of the amino acids in Master Amino Acid Pattern find their way to the working muscles.  … [Read more...]

Master Amino Pattern and Amino Acid Supplement Absorbtion


To order yours now click here Master Amino Pattern. This amazing amino acid supplement is pre-digested and gets into the bloodstream within 23 minutes. All Amino Acids and proteins are not created equal. There are many manufacturing methods that either give you a product that the body can use to … [Read more...]

The Truth About Amino Acids


There are a ton of amino acids on the market today all claiming explosive muscle growth andfaster recovery time. Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle tissue growth, repair, and synthesis. Protocol Supplements in conjunction with Dr. Luca-Morretihas the only amino acid supplement that has … [Read more...]

Amino Acid Body Building – 2 Tips To Improve Muscle Tone

Wonder how some of those sportsmen and some body builders appear so carved with well defined muscles? Well, many factors are at play in order to create a toned physique and amino acid method of body building is a practice that pumps up athletes. Amino acids(MAAP-Master Amino Acid Pattern)are … [Read more...]