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Super Green Superfoods That Taste Great

The benefits of a superfood  greens powder to the cells of the body is as if you just ate a basket of fruits and veggies.  Green superfoods  powders are one of the foundations of building and maintaining a healthy body.  The misconception that more food means better nutrition has given rise to a billion dollar supplement industry.  Since more and more

Organic Green Superfood

people are starting to understand that their diets are lacking in good nutrition, many are starting to use supplements.  Supplemental nutrition is big business because food is so bad.  Even the fresh food we get today is not as nutrition as it was even 30 years ago.  The diet of the average person is filled with food that is over processed and loaded with chemicals that have no business in the human body.  To get proper nutrition you must eat a diet filled with lots of fresh vegetables, whole grains and whole foods.  It is safe to say that supplements are big profit centers.

Hopefully you are using supplements to improve your overall health.  Yes, even as the use of supplements has grown the level of diseases has not dropped. In fact many rates have increased.  Does this mean that taking supplements doesn’t work?

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The good news is that not all supplements are created the same.  There are two different types of nutrients you can buy, those created by nature and synthetic.  The human body was not made to use synthetic  supplements, our bodies are designed to use real food. The fact of the matter is that your body does not utilize many of the supplements they take.  The important thing to understand here is that supplements that are food derived feed your body in a holistic manner.  These whole food supplements contain a wide array of trace minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients that are not present in synthetic health products. Drinking adequate water also plays a significant part in nutrition.  Water is an important key for your body being able to absorb the nutrients.  The main problem with synthetic, also known as “fake”, nutrients is that they are often in forms your body just is not able to utilize at the cellular level and if they cannot enter the cellular membrane, they do your body no good.  A term coined is that of the “Superfood”, derived from organic fruits and vegetables, super green foods, and some sea derived vegetation like kelp that is abundant in high quality minerals.  Taking your supplements in this organic whole food form, you are sure to give the cells of your body the nutrition it needs.  Unlike synthesized vitamin tablets, there are no fillers or tablets to digest first.

Cheap food usually means low nutrition value (fast food), so eating more of it will not necessarily give you more nutrition, but it will make you fat.

It was not until the industrial revolution that the way food was produced underwent a serious change.  The shift away from traditional farming practices resulted in a change in growing, processing, delivery, and chemical applications for virtually everyone. The rise of the nutrition industry and organic green powders, was brought about by these changes.

Consuming a high quality organic whole food product makes much more sense than a handful of pills. If your body can’t absorb the nutrients, it will do you no good. Super green foods provide a massive amount of protein, trace minerals and highly digestible vitamins.  Because it is a whole food it also contains other elements that assist your body.  Are you ready to feel the effects of an organic green super food today?


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