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Protocol Supplements Nutrition Trio Pack

The Protocol Supplements Trio Pack(Totol Body Greens, Total Body Nutrient, and Super Omega 6&3) was put together for those seeking the highest quality nutrients in a broad spectrum to ensure that you are not only receiving all of your nutritional requirements, but are also delivering those nutrients to the cell where they are needed and used. Remember, it is not enough just to take a nutritional supplement, if the body can not move it from the blood into the cell it does you no good at all. That is why it is imparative to put the very best into your body and that is why I have put these highly absorbable organic nutritional products together. If you have not already given your body the very best, isn’t it time you did? The answer to that is yes if you were wondering.

Click here to order your Trio Pack (includes liquid multi vitamins, organic green drink, and omega 3&6 essential fatty acids).

Yours in health,

Cody Oakland, M.S.


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