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How to Eat Essential Fatty Acids

How much good fat, fatty acids, should you be eating every day? And what is good fat? Most fat is good since your body needs all types of fat, but the best fats are the essential fatty acids. Even though saturated fat is called bad fat, the body still needs a little bit of this type of fat.

The amount of essential fatty acids that you should have in your diet, if you show no signs of any type of illness, is between 15 – 20% of the overall calories you eat every day. The breakdown of the types of fats that you should be eating is,

3-4% saturated fat

5-7% omega-6

2.5-3.5% omega-3

5-10% omega-9

Notice that you should be eating 5-10 % of omega-9. This is the best essential fatty acid for your health. The problem is that not that many foods or oils have a lot of omega-9, so it is hard to get 5-10% of this oil in your diet.

Digesting fats

Some of you may have problems digesting fatty acids and saturated fats. This may occur because you,

Don’t have any fat digestive enzymes

Have your gallbladder removed

Have a weak pancreas

To improve your digestion of essential fatty acids, you should be supplementing your diet with digestive enzymes. Since most fats are digested in the small intestine, just passed your stomach, you should be taking enteric enzymes.

Enteric enzymes are coated so that they are not used up in the stomach by acid and can reach the small intestine where most of the fats are digested.

If you don’t take digestive enzymes, you can improve the digestion of these fatty acids by mixing them with cottage cheese. When mixing flax seed oil with cottage cheese, the protein in the cottage cheese makes this oil more digestible.

Storing the essential fatty acids

The fatty acids and ground up flax seeds are sensitive to the environment and how they are processed and packaged. Improper handling of these oils will cause them to deteriorate and loss their potency.

The essential fatty acids are sensitive to,





Oxygen from the air reacts quickly with fatty acids. This Oxidation causes these oils to deterioration and become rancid. When using these oils keep the bottles close when they are not in use. Buy omega-3, fatty acid, only in dark containers.


Heating fatty acids causes them to chemically change into molecules that are harmful to your health. This is one reason why you should never use them to fry foods. Use flax seed oil or omega oil only at room temperature. When adding them to soups, add them after you pull the soups of the hot plate.

If manufacturers do not take the precautions to package and process these oils in the dark and use opaque bottles, the air, oxygen, heat, and light will destroy the value of these oils.


Light is extremely detrimental to fatty acids. When light hits fatty acids and oxygen is available, they speeds up the oxidation of these essential fatty acids by 1000 times. Under these conditions these oils quickly become rancid. Light produces free radicals in these oils, which in turn create various chemicals that are harmful to your body.

Now, you have more facts about how to use, eat, and store the essential fatty acids. Treat them good and they will give you excellent health.

Rudy Silva, Natural Nutritionist, provide more free tips and information about using essential fatty acids. You can find this information at: http://www.fatty-acid-remedies.for– You can also find his ebook on essential fatty acids at: http://www.fatty-acid-remedies.for–


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