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5 Tips For a Hot Sexy Bikini Body in 4 Weeks

Follow these 5 tips to a hotter bikini body and you will be the envy of all your friends this summer.

1. Water – Drink lots of it! This is crucial for your body to function at the optimal level. This will reduce the bloating and cellulite leaving you with the best possible looking skin.Besides, which celebrity is ever photographed without a bottle of water glued to their hand.

2. Exercise – Squats and lunges should be done 3 times a week, add dumbbells for even more resistance. This will lift your butt and give your legs a toned shape. Also good to throw in interval training for 15 minutes 3 times a week and some crunches to flatten the stomach, although you may not drop 3 dress sizes you will notice a huge difference in 4 weeks.

3. Food – Throw out processed foods especially sugar and stick to fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats and eggs. If you can you may also want to ditch wheat products, namely bread and pasta. Keep your portions small and frequent and limit alcohol. Boring I know but sacrifices need to be made if you want to look enviable in your swimsuit.

4. Fake Tan – Forget tanning salons or countless days on the beach. The perfect fake tan is within reach. Want gorgeous, glowing honey-hued skin minus the UV factor?Here’s what you need to know. A little extra work will go a long way to giving you an even and glowing look. Exfoliation is vital as dead skin cells tend to attract fake tan creating a blotchy look. choose a gradual tanner that has a light formula. This will enable you to get a good application technique and keep blotches to a minimum. In the days following application don’t forget to use a gradual tan moisturiser to keep your tan looking it’s best for longer.

5. Confidence – We all know those girls who aren’t really that hot but for some reason guys are throwing themselves at them. It comes down to one thing…confidence. It’s no mystery, people who exude self confidence are perceived as more attractive no matter what they look like. Also remember, no one is looking at you nearly as much as you think they are. Usually others are so wrapped up worrying about what people think about them that they don’t have time to worry about you. So go out and wear that bikini proudly.

Summer Fisher is an Australian designer, stylist and former model who has her own swimwear and clothing line “Busy Summer”. She enjoys sharing her knowledge about fashion, modeling, health & beauty and designing for the fashion conscious woman who wants a high fashion look at an affordable price. Find out more about her and her label at


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