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Master Amino Acid Pattern, Buy 3 get 1 Free

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It is well established that Master Amino Acid Pattern is the king of amino acid supplements.  MAP has an absorbtion rate of 99.8%, that means that all but .02% of the amino acids in Master Amino Acid Pattern find their way to the working muscles.  Since Master Amino Pattern is pre-digested, they are taken up into the bloodstream through the lining of the small intestines and delivered directly into the bloodstream for transport to the working muscles.  What you might not know is that master Amino Pattern, because of it’s purity and perfect balance of essential amino acids, they do have to end up in the kidneys  to be excreted.  This is important for a few reasons, 1) there are no nitrogen metabolites created because protein uptake is 99.8%, 2) there is no catabolic waste created because that high number means that it is almost completely anabolic in nature,and 3) there is no stress on the kidneys.  Most amino acid supplements on the market provide somewhere between 15-25%  net nitrogen utilization (NNU), this is the anabolic action a protein can deliver to the body.  I don’t know about you, but if I am going to use an amino acid supplement, I want it to have the highest absorbtion rate, cause the least amount of stress on my body and deliver the most amount of anabolic action to my working muscles.  The answer seems pretty simple.  If you want the most potent, anabolic amino acid supplement ever created, Master Amino Acid Pattern is the clear winner.  Your prize for finding this article is my special buy3 get 1 free offer.  No, this is not a promotion, if you are serious about your training than I want to give you a break on the price.  Here is to hard training with the right supplements.

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