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Liquid MultiVitamins and Minerals for Superior Absorption

The benefits of liquid multivitamins and minerals as opposed to those in capsules and caplets is well know.  In a recent study of  over 2,000 people, it was found that everyone was deficient in vitamins and minerals! The study found we all need to supplement our intake of vitamins and minerals due to several factors.

Liquid Multivitamins and Minerals

Liquid Multivitamins and Minerals

One of the main factors causing us to be liquid multivitamin and mineral deficient is found in the farming methods being used today. Farmers use fertilizers to increase the yield of their crops but the soil that the crops grow are constantly being depleted of the nutrients. So the crops that are produced do not have the same potency as they did years ago.

Another factor is the high level of environment pollutants in the world today. The water we drink, food we eat and even the air we breathe, all contain higher and higher levels of pollutants. Our bodies must use more and more resources to constantly fight off these toxic substances to maintain our health.

Okay, so if we have to increase our vitamin and mineral intake with supplements, which ones should we take? The best way to take supplements is through a liquid form. Pills contain fillers and must go through the digestive tract, where they lose much of their potency and can take many hours to get into the bloodstream. A liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement, on the other hand, can pass into the bloodstream through the membranes under the tongue in less than 1 minute, without any loss of potency.

The food and drink that you eat every day do not provide enough of the essentials. This is a fact. No matter how much food and drink you have you will always be short of some needed vitamins and minerals. Liquid vitamin supplements can supply you with these vitamins and minerals that you need. With liquid vitamins you can do this quickly and on the go. Breakfast is often overlooked as a meal, but it is the most important meal in the day. Starting your day with liquid vitamins can be one of the best ways to start your day. Liquid vitamins have become very popular and will continue to get even more.

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