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Liquid Multiple Vitamins and Minerals for More Health and Vitality

Protocol Supplements is the liquid vitamin and mineral leader and is thrilled to offer you, and your family, the very best in liquid vitamin supplementation.  For many of you, transitioning from pills and caplets to a liquid vitamin is a new experience.  This is simply the best, and most obsorbable, means of delivery of essential vitamins and minerals to the cells of your body.  Better delivery equals better absorbtion, right?  The answer to that question is yes.  Let me put it to you this way, if a company is going to go the the expense and trouble to put the supplements into a liquid multi vitamin in the first place, than the raw ingredients are usually of a higher quality and standard.  The buying public is more sopisticated and informed these days and tend to do more homework to make the right choices for their health needs.



Like you, I used to wonder if I was getting all of the essential nutrients out of the food I was eating.  The food grown today is not what it used to be.  With all the chemicals added and the minerals not returned to the soil, we have a bountiful harvest of food that looks nice, but is severly nutrient deficient.  It is easy to get into a pattern of buying the latsest and greatest supplement of the week with many of them leaving you with little or no results except to drain your wallet.  The key any truly effective supplement for our bodies is one made from, that’s right you guessed it, FOOD.  Good ol’ food, not synthetic look alikes.  That what you get in most multiple vitamins today.  Remember what I said about the cost of high quality ingredients?  Well, the stores are full of pills that deliver, are you ready for this, around 5-15% cellular absorbsion.  Why, because they use sub-standard synthetic nutrients that our bodies have a hard time processing, let alone delivering, to hungry starved cells.


If you are like us here at Protocol Supplements, we have done our fair share of research to create the best and truly amazing liquid vitamin supplement that will address your health needs.  We spent a tremendous amount of time coming up with not only the right ingredients, but the right sources of all the nutrients to ensure proper absorbtion.  As you may know, our bodies cannot manufacture many of the nutrients found in TOTAL BODY NUTRIENT , that is why it is so important to make sure that you get the highest quality liquid multi vitamin available.  TOTAL BODY NUTRIENT was created because the  soils that are used to grow our fruits and vegetables today have been depleted and the animals we eat are regularly given hormones to stimulate their growth. Soil no longer has the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that it once did. It is due to the fact that the foods that we eat are heavily processed. You cannot receive the same nutritional value from the plants that we eat, as we can from plant-derived minerals in a Liquid form.
It is now important and life sustaining* to add supplements to our diets with good, high-quality nutrition such as vitamins and minerals.
The best effective way to increase your intake of minerals is through the use of Liquid form*. Liquid minerals are a unique and excellent source for over 70 different minerals.
Total Body Nutrient™ was formulated to provide every member of the family with all the vitamins and minerals for good health.

70 Plus Essential Minerals and Trace Elements
100% of the USRDI for 11 Essential Vitamins
Delicious Citrus Flavor, Natural Sweeteners
Easy to Assimilate 1 ounce Liquid Multi Vitamin Convenient Daily Serving


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