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How To Lose Weight Fast for Women and Men

how to lose weight fastHow to lose weight fast is the holy grail of weight loss. The good news is that it can be done. In this article, I will give some of the broad reasons why weight loss programs work some of the time. In the video, I talk about what the program by Dr. Charles and how great his approach is. I provide a link to check out his entire program just underneath it. Enjoy!
How to Lose Weight Quickly
There are many diets on the market these days, many of which make claims that they will allow you to lose weight fast and achieve body beautiful results quicker than ever before. However, even though these diets claim weight loss success is inevitable, many Americans find themselves stick on the weight loss roller coaster year after year. Are these diets really effective, and is there really a magic diet out there that will have you slimming down and increasing overall health faster than ever before? Let’s take a look at the current diet options for people looking to lose weight fast.
Some of the current diets that make claims of fast and permanent weight loss include the Atkins diet, acai berry diet, low carb diet, the cabbage soup diet; the list goes on ad infinitum. When you want to lose weight fast, practically any one of these diets will do the trick. The Atkins diet has worked for many people, and the acai berry diet has produced great results for others. There is even a diet based on the individual’s blood type, and is suppose to utilize natural body chemistry to drop unwanted pounds. The cabbage soup diet is particularly effective for those who are undergoing surgery and need to lose serious pounds before the surgery can be attempted. There are also surgical procedures such as the lap band or gastric bypass surgery that individuals have turned to in a desperate, last attempt to lose weight fast. With so many options available, why do people typically go on7-10 diets every year?
The problem with Fad Diets
From diet pills to diet shakes to low carb diets, most people who desire to lose weight fast have tried them all. The problem with these fad diets does not lie in their effectiveness. The problem is, while many of these diets will cause the scale to decrease in numbers rather quickly, they don’t provide for any type of life style change that will keep the weight off. When a person goes on a strict diet that only allows for say, 500 calories per day, they are essentially starving their body and lowering their bodies natural metabolism. When the body believes it is being starved, the metabolic rate becomes so slow that it does not burn off anything. In fact, it actually begins to purposely store fat because it does not know when calories or nutrients are going to become available again.
Survey Says:
Good old fashioned diet and exercise are still the tried and true method of achieving permanent weight loss success. Some experts recommend that going on one of these diets for a short time is beneficial to jump starting the process, and can provide the motivation to keep you going. However, after a week or two, it is necessary to get off the diet and give your body a chance to stabilize, while getting used to eating a normal balanced diet. As a general rule, any diet that claims to make you lose weight fast will not have much sustainability to it. Healthy eating and exercise won’t be the fastest method of losing weight fast, but it will produce the healthiest change in your body and provide for a much more stable and healthy future.

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