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The Real Causes Behind Aging And Tips For Delaying

Have you ever wondered why we can’t just age without having illnesses start to pile up? Have you noticed a correlation between aging and increased health concerns? There is scientific data pointing out that we now know the reasons behind degenerative diseases or health concerns of the elderly.

Free Radicals, Antioxidants And Aging

You need to look at your diet if you want to understand more about aging and the degenerative process. In America, the vast majority of people are regularly dining on very high-fat, starchy or high-carb food. It is normally highly processed, full of pesticides and chemicals along with tons of preservatives.  These are foods that are deplete or very low in antioxidants and result in a high production of free radicals.

Consider Those Fruits And Veggies

You want to look closely at your servings of fruits and vegetables. Are you getting the recommended six daily servings? These are going to be your primary source of antioxidants and therefore you’re going to want to increase how much you’re getting. You may find that this can be very challenging.

How Are Those Veggies And Fruits Grown?

It is a fact that fruits and vegetables farmed in a factory fashion have anywhere from five to forty percent lower nutritional value. It is most often attributed to the techniques used in agriculture today. Moreover there are toxic fertilizers and pesticides made from chemicals sprayed on the very same vegetables and fruits we bring home to our family. During an average day a person can be exposed to more than seventy pesticides which doesn’t just affect their nutrition, it also affects the free radicals that are in a body, increasing their rate of production.

Consider What May Damage You

If your drinking alcohol, other than the occasional glass of red wine, you’re depleting your body of the precious antioxidants you are trying to digest on a daily basis. In addition, if you’re smoking, drinking copious amounts of caffeine or spending a lot of time in the sun you’re increasing the free radicals ranging your body.

How Often Do You Eat Fried Foods

It’s known that a diet high in fat can dramatically raise oxidative stress levels in the body. Simply put, the higher amount of fat you’re consuming the more free radicals will roam your body attacking. This means that the more fat that you eat the more free radicals will be produced by your body leading to more cancer and heart disease. In addition, if you’re eating a lot of meats you may be picking up more pesticides, hormones and antibiotics then you would think. This will further lead to fewer antibodies in your system.

Packaged, Processed And Fast Foods

Foods from any of these sources are packed full of different chemicals and preservatives. In fact, currently there are more than 15,000 chemicals that are legally okay to put in our food. These chemicals don’t even need to be listed on the labels. Additionally, your tap water may prove to be a harmful carrier of toxins.

In order to delay or prevent this aging you need to take the time to get foods that are full of powerful antioxidants. If you can’t get enough fruits and veggies or even if you think you are you should consider a high quality supplement. These can be a great way to boost your antioxidants and slow your aging.


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