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The Healthy Benefits Of Trace Minerals

You often hear about the importance of getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals, but how familiar are you with minerals? Sure you have heard of the macro minerals or the big four; they are potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. You know those because they are needed in larger quantities than others so they are considered the big. However those are not all the minerals that you need, there are also other minerals that you should get, but not in as large quantities; those minerals are called “Trace Minerals” or micro minerals. These minerals can be found in the human body but their levels are very small.

What Are The Benefits Of Trace Minerals?

Trace minerals may be found in small quantities, but that does not mean that they are not necessary for good health. One of the main benefactors of trace minerals is your overall bone health. Minerals like manganese and copper for example, have been linked to bone health; a deficiency in those minerals has been shown to negatively affect bone density. Of course calcium is the mineral that most people think of when they think of bone health; but a treatment program that includes not only the calcium, but calcium and the trace minerals will be more than likely to increase the density of the bones.

A study of post-menopausal participants showed that bone loss can actually be stopped when you include both the calcium and the recommended trace minerals. In the study women who were given calcium by itself did slow down the bone loss, but women who took both the trace minerals and the calcium actually stopped the loss.

Not Enough Nutrients For Your Health

It is well known (although rarely published) that we are not getting the same amount nutrients in the food that we once did. What is not well known as of yet is the reason why. The lower amount of vitamins in the food started in the 60’s and has not stopped since then. One of the best examples of the loss of nutrients is broccoli which now only contains 50% calcium when compared to the same amount in 1963. Broccoli is not alone in the loss of nutrients; beets and spinach have also suffered declines. Other vegetables and fruits have seen a decline of anything in between 5 and 35 percent. The loss of nutrients is not something that most people know about, but a scientific term has been given to this decline and that is “dilution effect.”


There are not that many supplements that contain the amount of minerals that AlgaeCal does. There is a total above 70 minerals that you will be taking with AlgaeCal as well as vitamin D. This combination is a great way to stop bone loss which means a lesser risk of fracture. The minerals found in this supplement do not come from rock, but rather from plants which makes it a lot easier to absorb. The benefits from the increase in trace minerals will be felt sooner rather than later.


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