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The Benefits Of Antioxidants To Your Health

It would be reasonable to say that when it comes to nutrition antioxidants are extremely important. They protect and nurture your cells while promoting good health and repelling diseases. There are two ways that you can get antioxidants to your body and that is through food and of course they can be ingested via supplements. Scientists believe that antioxidants are responsible for protecting cells from harmful oxygen molecules called free radicals which could damage the cells that become cancerous as well as other diseases like Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis etc. As an unneeded bonus they may be deeply involved in the aging process. There are numerous studies pointing to their benefit to anti-aging.

A Radical Idea

Your body normally produces the free radicals, but an increase is seen when a person smokes, drinks alcohol, or is exposed to different things like stress, air pollution, asbestos, radiation and even too much sunlight. It is these radicals that cause damage to the skin, along with many other health ailments.

Oxygen is something that we all need to survive, so it is somewhat ironic that the very thing that we need to live is also the one of those responsible for creating these free radicals. The process of radicalization happens when a molecule of Oxygen is charged electrically. When that happens that molecule will try to take electrons for molecules around it and that damages the cell’s DNA. The problem happens when after some time the damage can no longer be reversed which leads to disease. Antioxidants then come to the rescue by mopping up the free radicals and therefore neutralizing the electric charge. But you will have to get the right nutrients in your diet to get these beneficial antioxidants.

No one can avoid free radicals, not even the healthiest person that you know. The problem happens when the free radicals are formed in greater quantities. When this increase happens you’ll start to notice fatigue, puffy skin and even achy joints among many other signs. That excess leads to a condition which is called oxidative stress. That condition is now being studied because it may be responsible for disease.

Aging and its signs are smoothed out and even reversed with antioxidants that can help you by minimizing the wrinkles and keeping that natural glow that people have intact. There have also been some studies which have seen the effect of antioxidants on the protection against damage from sunlight. A research from Germany found that the consumption of vitamins C and E for a little over a week meant an increase on a person’s resistance to harmful sunburn. Another study found that the mixing of three of the most potent antioxidants, lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene reduced the effects of mild sunburn after a constant period of ingestion of three months.

You can help the balance of the antioxidant load by taking supplements, or by consuming antioxidant rich food. In other words, if you want to remain healthy you should plan a diet that is rich on antioxidants. That will help you look and feel better all around.


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