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Proper Hydration And Performance Have A Strong Correlation

Not too many people know that merely loosing 2 percent of your total body weight due to dehydration while running can translate into a 20 percent drop on your performance. That goes to show how important hydration is to all runners no matter what their level is. The proper hydration could actually buy you minutes of time when on a 6 mile run. That means that if you want an improved performance, then you need to remain well hydrated. Of course it is also important to your health in other aspects of your life and that is why this information is important to you.

Hydrating Properly

People who have been running for a while understand how important hydration is. Even with that knowledge it is not rare to see more than a few of them suffer from cramps even at the Olympic level marathons. They have dropped out of races all because they do not know the proper hydration process. Recreational runners can sometimes be limited in their potential due to issues with hydration.

Some studies have revealed that a 60 minute run (about 6 miles) you can use only water as your hydration source. It is definitely a good idea to carry a bottle with you, so getting something to carry it in is a plus. One mistake that you do not want to make is to only drink when you feel thirsty. You need the liquids even if you are not feeling thirst at the moment so take a sip.

Do not just trust your thirst to tell you when you should be drinking. You should have set times when you should be hydrating and stick to them whether your body is telling you that you’re thirsty or otherwise. One example would be to drink every 25 minutes, but the time can be different for you. You should look at what works best for you and follow that plan. Some studies have revealed that the difference between the needs of different runners can be very big. Some marathon runners for example require as little as 100 ml of fluids per 30 minutes while others need up to 600 ml in the same time period.

Water Is Just Not Enough…

Once you decide to break the 6-miles run barrier, water will be no longer adequate to fully meet your hydration needs. You will also need to incorporate electrolytes into your liquid intake. This is because drinking excessive amounts of water without adding electrolytes to the mix may lead to hypothermia, which can be fatal in extreme cases. Gatorade is a well-known fluid that contains electrolytes. Potassium and sodium are two other ingredients that you need to take into account.

Sports drinks are excellent sources of electrolytes. In hot weather, you can carry electrolyte tablets as a water supplement. These tablets are available from many running stores. Still, you need to try different electrolyte replacement tablets in order to decide the right one for you. Also, it is a clever idea to experiment with electrolyte tablets while training for races before using them during the actual race.

Water Or A Sports Drink

Water as stated before is enough for those short 6 mile or less runs, but if you are going to go over that then you will need something else. If you drink water once you’ve reached this level of dehydration you run the risk of hyperthermia and taxing your body further. Sports drinks that include electrolytes have sodium and potassium.

Besides using sports drinks to hydrate you could also include electrolyte tablets in your water. Most running stores carry electrolyte tablets, but you will find different kinds of them. Find the one that is right for you before you go on the longer runs.


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