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Master Amino Acid Pattern Story

Here is a great story from someone who really gets the benefits of Master Amino Acid Pattern.

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I just ran into this product Master Amino Acid Pattern, in the wee hours of the morning doing the random research on Anti-aging and Age Reversal. The facts about this supplement that struck a lightening bolt through me were that fact that it is 99% Nitrogen utilized, and generates only 1% waste. I knew immediately what this meant; that there would be no amino acid toxicity which is the main problem with over-consumption of Protein. Back in the day, when I was lifting heavy, I would overload on protein shakes and I did make muscle gains, but at the expense of my overall health.
I had an acid buildup in my throat at time and I would get sick easier from the toxicity overload. After, a while I would stop because the reactions were too much and were counter-productive in the long run. It did not fit in with my over-all plan to regenerate the body. The problem lay in the waste side effect generated by not only supplements 80% on average, but also food. Typically, 68% of protein from meat, chicken and fish are not utilized by the body for building new tissue. There is not much return on investment from an efficiency point of view with traditional protein intake. With MAP, the protein is absorbed directly into the lymph in 23 minutes and does not go through the normal processing route that ends up being absorbed through the small intestine. This pre-digested protein is fully utilized in the process of building new tissue immediately. After sending an email to Dr. Grandi about the product, I received a phone call from him and we talked for over a hour about the implications of his product for Age regression. The product is traditionally being marketed as an athletic supplement, which is a venue that I have ignored even though I come from a background where I was involved with competitive athletics and am trained as a massage therapist. I worked in a personal training gym for over ten years, but simply ignored the protein supplements as having much value for anti-aging purposes.
What I have realized that I was correct in this thinking with the exception of MAP. MAP is absolutely unique because it is completely absorbed into the bloodstream with zero energy expense from processing. It is like free energy for the body! The number one cause of free-radical consumption is food processing and breathing. We cannot do much with the damage caused from breathing, but MAP helps alleviate the damage from food processing. The most dramatic story he had about the supplement is a 72 year old came in for a bench press fitness test of 80lbs. After only 3 weeks on the supplement, he benched 172lbs! Another woman who is in her late 60′s who has been on the supplement for less than a year, is now back to wearing bikinis and people swear she is in her early 50′s. From my limited personal experience with the product, I have seen muscle mass gains and a loss of virtually all body fat. You lose that middle age pouch on this supplement and start to gain the look you had at your peak. The skin regenerates as well, this has happened to me in only 10 days on the supplement. My skin is taking on the firm waxy look that I had in youth and it is very soft now. I realize this is simply because I now have sufficient quality protein to re-build my body faster than it is being broken down. I realize now that simply one of the problems of aging is the inefficiencies of metabolism. As we get older, our ability to process food degrades. Older people especially have a hard time. MAP solves this problem for all age groups.
I have been getting increases in telomere length from products such as RNA regenerator and the, but was not getting the sufficient raw materials to re-make the body. The problem with calorie restriction is that you need protein to keep up the replacement of cells and MAP solves that problem. It is simply the most astounding supplement I have ever run across since the days of Shaklee.
The nutrition is sucked up immediately into the blood stream and goes to work at first detoxifying and then later re-building all forms of tissue from internal organs to the skin. With MAP, you now have the quality raw materials to re-invent yourself!


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