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Master Amino Acid Pattern For Faster Results

Master Amino Acid Pattern is, hands down, the best amino acid supplement on the market.  I say this because it is true.  Yes, I do sell this product on my website Protocol Supplements, but that is not the reason.  I have spent years, 25 at last count, trying a HUGE number of amino acid products on the market and was only marginally impressed.  When I was introduced to Master Amino Pattern (MAP) 15 years ago, I was hoping that this was the “holy grail” of amino acids and my search would be over.  I did have the opportunity to spend some time with it’s creator, Dr. Luca-Morreti, and was so impressed with this product and how it came to be.  He designed MAP for people who were malnourished and/or suffering from some type of catastrophic illness.  His results were amazing!  Those that were bed ridden were able to gain enough strength to start to move about and the malnourished were getting much needed protein into their starved bodies.  After seeing the amazing results from these early studies, Dr. Morreti wondered what kind of impact it would have on athletes.  I mean, if it had such great results on the sick and dying, what could it do for those on the other end of the spectrum.  He quickly found out.  The athletes he gave it to were on the Olympic/professional level.  Just as the weak improved their strength, the athletes were able to not only improve their strength and muscle mass, they were able to shorten their recovery time between training sessions.  Shortened recovery time means an overall increase in training, get it?  Well, as the story moves along, Dr. Morreti wonders what these amino acids can do for a little Italian doctor with as he puts it “12 inch arms witha da body fat”.  By the time I met him he had been on the product for a couple of years, and let me tell you, what a change.  I would not have believed the transformation if I had not seen it with my own eyes.  He now looked like a power lifter.  He, for reference sake, now had 17 inch arms cold!  His workout program was to lift twice per week and he took 20 MAP per day.  This is not what the average person would take, unless they wanted the same results.

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What I am about to do now is explain in as simple way as possible information that most of the nutrition world is still in the dark ages about…i will do this without a net…drum roll please!  There are 2 main components to dietary protein, anabolic and catabolic potential/activity.  Anabolic means to build and catabolic means to breakdown.  O.K., that was the easy part.  There is something called the Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU) that is attributed to every dietary protein.  What is NNU?  Great question, it is the total amount of nitrogen that can be taken up to support, grow, and repair muscle tissue.  The higher the NNU, the more anabolic the protein.   Hen eggs have the highest NNU of any with 42%.   This means that the other 58% of the egg is catabolic waste, nitrogen metabolites, and fiber.  Here is where it starts to get a little tricky.  Since Master Amino Pattern has an NNU of 99.8%, a little goes a long way.  Each MAP is 1 gram and 10  MAP is 10 grams, so 10 MAP based on it’s NNU will have the same anabolic equivalent of a 14 ounce steak with none of the drawback of digestion, calories, and waste.  This can serve many different uses.  For vegan/vegetarians, it is a complete source of amino acids for muscle support and function.  For those that have digestive issues, it is a passive delivery system because it is pre-digested and in the bloodstream in 23 minutes.  For athletes and bodybuilders, you use an amount that is required to support your level of training.  If you have any questions regarding any thing in this article, or for that matter, anything in general, feel free to contact me.

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