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Losing Weight? Don’t Forget Your Water

If you have just started a weight loss program that includes either diet, exercise or both, you would do well to never forget water. Water is one of the most important things that you can make sure to get enough of in any diet or exercising routine. Water helps you mainly with hydration which is vital when you are exercising. It helps your body function at the cellular level. If you are not well hydrated, then you could be negatively affecting your health and in the most severe cases you could have a heat stroke and in some situations even die. There are also some very important reasons to make sure that you stay well hydrated when you diet and exercise and here are a few of them.

You Perform Better

When you are exercising you sweat, and when you sweat you have a reduction in your blood volume. This blood volume drop makes it more difficult for your muscles to receive enough blood which is why you feel more tired when you are exercising. By drinking water you are replacing the fluids that you are losing and can therefore perform better when exercising. Another way that water helps you perform better is by providing lubrication to your muscles and your joints which they need if you want to avoid the aches that you can get after exercising. The water that you are ingesting is also the way that your body will have to get rid of toxins produced when you exercise.


If you are also dieting then drinking water can help you get to your target weight easily. When you are on a diet, water can make you feel fuller and therefore you will be able to eat smaller portions. Water by itself does not give you a fuller feeling because you still need calories, but when combined, it can do wonders for you. Because water contains no sugar, fats or calories it can be the perfect substitute to the sweet drinks that you may be having now. Water also helps you when your diet includes a lot of fiber (which any diet that will help you lose weight does) because it helps prevent constipation. Fiber does help your digestive system, but without water it can have some very uncomfortable effects.

Water Facts

When you start feeling thirsty that is the first sign that you are already dehydrated. You can avoid that by drinking water even when you are not thirsty. Keep in mind however that you can in fact drink too much water. You are able to tell if you are drinking too much or too little water by the color in your urine. If it is a dark color you need more, but if there is little color you are well hydrated. Although you may have heard that water can make you look bloated, it is actually a myth. Water retention happens because of other reasons like having too much sodium in your system. Water by itself cannot give you the bloated look and in fact, staying hydrated will aid in preventing water retention.


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