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Energy Drinks Can Give You More Than You Want

The American Academy of Pediatrics has determined that about one third to one half of all the energy drinks sold in the United States is consumed by teenagers and young adults. Young people are more susceptible to targeted advertising than older adults. This has become the marketing strategy for the manufacturers of energy drinks, such as Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull and Full throttle. Marketing specialists have been purposely playing on the trust of the young in order to make sales. Rather than explaining the dangers of too much caffeine, which has caused some serious problems with teenagers and younger adults in the past, irresponsible advertising advocates the use of these products. Almost half of all caffeine overdoses in 2007 affected teens younger than nineteen.

Electrolytes Are Necessary

In 2008, it was a recommendation of the National Federation of State High School Associations, that hydrating fluids for children should consist of water or of sports drinks only. This association has determined that there were no health advantages to be found in the consumption of energy drinks. On the contrary, possible health risks and interactions of energy drinks with medications can definitely be detrimental to students. Even the well-known sports drinks contain added sugars which are partly responsible for deteriorating dental health and weight increase in youths. The benefit that is present in the sports drinks lies in the provision of the electrolytes. Sodium chloride and potassium are two electrolytes lost during heavy perspiration. Other electrolytes in Gatorade or Powerade are calcium, magnesium, phosphates, bicarbonate and sulfate.

Replace Electrolytes In A Healthy Way

Pure water cannot replace the electrolytes lost during heavy exercise. For that reason, sports drinks were invented. The electrolytes restore communication between cells and aid in the conductivity of the nervous system. However, some experts minimize the benefit of sports drinks, citing poor absorbability or poor availability of potassium in sports drinks. Muscles will not function properly without potassium. Low potassium leads to inappropriate contraction and release of muscle fibers, causing what is commonly known as a cramp or a Charley Horse. A better way to replenish the lost electrolytes may be by eating a piece of fruit. Bananas are known to be rich in potassium among other electrolytes and will restore lost electrolytes. Coaches may not necessarily want players to eat during a football game, however and eating will change the blood flow toward the stomach, which can also cause cramping during exercise. A cup of orange juice is quite effective.

Storing Energy In Advance

Nutrition authority from Yale School of Medicine, Dr. David L. Katz, recommends loading up on energy through carefully selected food a couple of hours prior to rigorous athletics. He advocates protein-rich foods such as nuts, eggs and quickly converted carbs in the form of unprocessed, whole grains as a powerhouse of energy. Carbohydrates will provide the quick jolt of energy and protein will be responsible for endurance during a highly demanding sports event. In one or two hours’ time, the food in the athletes’ stomach will have been digested and blood flow will be directed toward the extremities rather than causing cramping.

Show By Example That Water Is Always Good

In any event, hydration can never be minimized in its importance. If there is nothing else available, plain water can never harm you and will hydrate moisture depleted cells. Your children will learn from you what is important and how to protect their own bodies.


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