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Candida Cleanse and How to Get Rid of Candida Naturally.

There are various forms of systemic candidiasis as you may be aware, and yeast (candida) infections are the most frequent causes of fungal infection in humans. Candida can produce infections in both otherwise healthy individuals and in individuals with reduced immune system function. Yeast infections are thought of by primary health care physicians to be primarily of systemic origin, and most don’t believe that a yeast infection can be a local problem affecting both men and women. One doctor recently told me that “only Aids patient’s get candida”, meaning a systemic problem, a yeast infection as a result of the total collapse of a person’s immune system.

Get Rid of Yeast

Get Rid of Candida

Many people have seen have a local candida yeast infection, i.e.; their yeast infection is limited to their digestive system (constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, cramping, pain, etc) or will be topical (toenails, groin, ears, etc). There are however more severe forms of candida which can affect people, and this page will look at invasive candidiasis also known as “systemic candidiasis”.

“Invasive” implies invasion past the skin and the gastrointestinal tract. Also called systemic candidiasis, invasive candidiasis is a complicated collection of various signs and symptoms which make up different diseases. These forms of candidiasis are most always seen in individuals with reduced function of the immune system or some other type of weakening of their defenses and almost any organ of the body may be involved. However, there are many natural barriers to this form of disease, and it only occurs in individuals who have reduced or altered host defenses.

Systemic Candidiasis Can Spread Throughout The Body

Systemic candidiasis is when candida spreads throughout the body, and it can be life-threatening. Infection might include the brain, heart, kidneys, eyes, liver, genital tract and joints. This form occurs most often in people with low white blood cell counts (neutropenia). This type of infection is also called disseminated candidiasis.

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Systemic candidiasis can be very difficult to diagnose. This type of infection in the blood may come from a local infection (like the mouth or site of a catheter) as well as from infection of internal organs. The problem with systemic candida is that candida may only briefly be present in the blood when an internal organ is infected; therefore a blood test result is not always the most reliable way of determining this type of infection.

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