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Amino Acid Supplements Reviewed



Welcome to another installment on what you need to know when shopping for amino acid supplements. Not all amino acid supplementsare created the same. The main variables are what is the origin of the protein (amino acids), most companies use whey as their base product. An important thing to remember is that if you learn what to look for in any product you use, you can move past the marketing and advertising hype and make an informed decision based on education and knowledge. Now back to the subject. The second thing to knowis what type of processing was use to get it into a powder or pillform (most mass produced amino acid supplements are inone of these twoforms). Whey protein, out of most supplemental proteins, seems to be the best absorbed. As you will see, these “supplements” have a much lower Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU) than eating regular food and are just dismal when compared to MAP (Master Amino Pattern). What they do provide is quick access to protein after training with little prep required, usually just mixed with water. I have listed the 4 methods for manufacturing whey so if you decide to use it, you can make an informed decision.

There are 4 types of processing methods for whey:

1: The most common is micro/ultra filtration. This technique the whey is produced using what the manufacturers call “polymer filters”. These filters separate the protein from the liquid milk and whey and produce the protein. Micro/Ultra filtration technique is NOT patented by any manufacturer thus the price is always lower than any other way. Companies that use this process are “Land O Lakes”, Protein, and the company that makes the Iso-Chill. For bodybuilding purposes, use the micro/ultra filtration process if you want and whey isolate at a good economic price.

2: The second process is Cross-Flow Micro-filtration (CFM). This process is trademarked by Glanbia Nutritionals. The CFM is the highest quality whey isolate in the world. Instead of using polymer filters that cost about $15,000 dollars and wear down like a car tire does, the CFM process uses ceramic filters. These ceramic filters cost about $150,000. They are indestructible. The CFM process results in a higher protein sub-fraction content and less sodium and more calcium. People that purchase the CFM whey isolate are people that are looking for the very BEST whey. A protein that is higher in growth factors and other components than micro/ultra process.

3: The third process in patented by Davisco foods. This process is the ion exchange whey isolate. The ion exchange manufacturing technique using chemical solvents and electron charges to separate the protein for the liquid. The ion exchange process results in the highest BCAA content and protein %. But keep in mind that you can have a concentrate or an isolate ion exchange protein. Use the ion exchange whey isolate if you want the highest protein percentage possible.

4: The fourth manufacturing technique that is used is called “hydrolyzation” A hydrolyzed whey protein is actually a whey protein that has been “pre-digested”. The manufactures and enzymes to the whey protein to start the digestion process and to convert the whey protein into peptides. The maximum that a hydrolyzed protein can be pre-digested is 50%. I have never seen anything higher. So the rest of the 50% of the hydrolyzed protein is still in its “whole food” state. Use a hydrolyzed whey protein for quick digestion. Usual after post-workouts. One looks to achieve the term aminoacidemia. A quick flush of amino acids entering the blood stream for a super anabolic effect.

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The four manufacturing techniques described above are the only commercial available proteins used today.

Take a look at this ingredient statement found on a sample jar of whey protein that we found.

Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate),

Quite confusing isn’t it?

First off you the label doesn’t state which manufacturing technique it is. So your left guessing. Second you don’t know how much of each product they are using. Are you getting 50% whey isolate, 25% WPC and 25% hydrolyzed whey. Well, we will never know.

Take a look at this second label.

Cross Flow Micro/Ultra filtered 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate (Beta Lactoglobulin 19,100 MW/50% Alpha Lactoalbumin 14,700 MW/20% Glycomacropeptides 16,200 MW 20%, Immunoglobulin 95,000 MW/3%, Bovine Serum Albumin 65,000 MW/2%, Protease Peptone <1% Lactoferrin <1%, Lacto Peroxidase <1%),

Wow sounds really high tech doesn’t it? The company decided to add the words “Cross Flow” to make it sound more scientific. Don’t be fooled. Now all the terms after “whey protein isolate” are the protein subfractions. These protein subfractions are all naturally occurring. They are not separately added ingredients. The label should actually look like this. “Micro/Ultra filtration whey isolate.” That’s it.

Thus, now you know how to read a supplement facts label and how to choose which whey protein will best fit your needs.

Here is a breakdown of Map vs. Dietary Protein vs. Dietary Protein Supplements

1: Map-99% Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU), this is the anabolic action of a protein (amino acids), is absorbed in 23 minutes because it is pre-digested, causes not nitrigen catabolites or kidney stress, and has no contraindications.

2: Dietary Proteins-32% (average) NNU, 3-6 hour digestion, 68% nitrigen catabolites, causes kidney stress.

3: Dietary Protein Supplements-16% (average) NNU, 3-6 hour digestion, 84% nitrogen catabolites.

As you can see, Master Amino Pattern (MAP) is the clear choice if you want 99% absorbtion and anabolic action to feed, grow, and recover your muscles. I’m pretty sure that is why you would take a protein supplements, correct me if I am wrong. Like all decisions we make in our lives, make them from a place of education and information, not just because someone told you. Information is power, use it.

Yours in health,

Cody Oakland M.S.




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