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Liquid MultiVitamins and Minerals for Superior Absorption

Liquid Multivitamins and Minerals

The benefits of liquid multivitamins and minerals as opposed to those in capsules and caplets is well know.  In a recent study of  over 2,000 people, it was found that everyone was deficient in vitamins and minerals! The study found we all need to supplement our intake of vitamins and minerals due … [Read more...]

Benefits of Vitamin D3 and How to Avoid Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Benefits of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 or which is also referred to as D3 vitamin at times, is a nonessential nutrient of the human body. The human skin can synthesize the D3 vitamin but it requires the ultraviolet rays of the sun to trigger the process. For several decades, the sun has been the natural promoter of D3 vitamin … [Read more...]

Liquid Multiple Vitamins and Minerals for More Health and Vitality


Protocol Supplements is the liquid vitamin and mineral leader and is thrilled to offer you, and your family, the very best in liquid vitamin supplementation.  For many of you, transitioning from pills and caplets to a liquid vitamin is a new experience.  This is simply the best, and most … [Read more...]

Liquid Vitamins-The Truth About Liquid Multi Vitamins


Liquid vitamins are a fantasic way to get all your daily vitamin and minerals in an easy to take liquid multi vitamin. The quality of ingredients is more important than the method used to deliver the supplement to the tissues of the body. What I mean by this is if you combine very high quality … [Read more...]