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Protocol Supplements 60 Day Challenge-4 Week Update

Well, I am into my 60 Day Challenge for about 4 weeks now and things are moving along very nicely. I have been able to step up the frequency and intensity of my workouts due to "The Protocol". I am using the Nutrition Pack(Total Body Nutrient,Total Body Greens, and Omega 3&6s), Body Pro Strength … [Read more...]

Protocol Supplements 60 Day Challenge-2Week Update

This is my 2 week update to let you know how my Protocol Supplements 60 Day Challenge is moving along. I am happy to report that my workouts, as expected, are on an accelerated path of strength gains, aerobic conditioning, and shortened recovery time between workouts with virtually no muscle … [Read more...]

Protocol Supplements 60 Day Challenge

Well welcome to my own 60 Day Challenge. It has been the better part of three years since I have done much, if any, training. I figured that it was time to not only get busy gettin busy, but to put Protocol Supplements to the test. I am using the entire line of products, why, because they are … [Read more...]